Cashless systems have been popular in arcades, casinos, and hotels for years now. It’s now becoming more popular in other types of amusement facilities like waterparks and family fun centers. If you’re not sure if a cashless system can help you at your facility, Gatemaster is here to help. 1. Cash linked to customer accounts Before your customers head out to your facility, they can plan how much money they are going to spend through their account that they have established with you. Customers love this feature because it gives them control over their budget and they won’t have to worry about losing paper money. 2. Parental controls Through your customer’s account, parents can link their account with their child’s account. Parents can limit spending and where the child can spend money. No more worrying if your child is purchasing a teddy bear instead of a hot dog at the snack bar. 3. Increase in customer spending Facilities will often see an increase in spending when customers can add money to their account or to gift cards. Often customers will spend all their money they have placed into their account rather than having to get money back from the register at the end of the day or season. You can also implement a “use it or lose it” policy. 4. Reduced loss No more worrying if your cashier’s drawer is balanced. No more mistakes and no more theft concerns. Cashless systems remove the headache of dealing with cash! 5. Reduced wait times It used to be that using a credit or debit card was the quickest way to pay. Now with chip and pin requirements it takes more time to process a card. With a cashless system, your customers will zoom through lines not having to wait on cash to be counted or credit cards to be processed. Less wait time will make your customers happy.

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