Rental Business is a fun industry to be in. Whether you rent roller skates, bikes, Segways, canoes, Ski equipment or bounce houses, your customers are always happy to see you. We have some tips that will help cut down your costs, make your business more efficient and keep those customers coming back!

1. Make it easy for customers to spend their money with you. Get your customer’s money upfront! Nobody wants to make a call to schedule a reservation. Give your customer the ability to book events and reserve their rentals online. 2. Get connected with other business and have them do the work for you. Partner with local hotel or travel agency. Have them schedule your rentals , offer gift cards, or get set up for consignment ticketing. bikes.jpg 3. Never overbook! Use software that has the ability to track your inventory and charge deposits/late fees.

4. Offer snacks and drinks Your customers are out working up a sweat with your rentals. When they come back they will be famished! Why have them spend their money somewhere else? Try building snacks and drinks into a rental package. snacks.jpg 5. Get those waivers signed before your customer shows up. There are many options for waivers. Get a waiver system that is part of your point-of-sale and require it as part of your online check out or reservations 6. Offer bounce back passes Give your customer the option for a bounce back pass. Reward your returning customers with a discount or a free beverage. Learn more about loyalty reward programs here. 7. Offer rain checks to improve customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction is important no matter the industry. Customers may not know what the weather will be like when they book with you online. Give your customers the peace of mind of a rainy day guarantee. Get a point-of-sale system that will allow you to easily issue rain checks. If you enjoyed this blog, check out my blog on improving your online reviews

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