Most FECs (Family Entertainment Centers) either close their doors after Labor Day or they see a significant drop in guests. If your marketing does not include promoting the holidays or other types of winter events, we have some ideas for you!

Create traditions for your guests

By creating traditions, we mean be consistent. Get your guests hooked and coming back year after year with holiday themed events. You want your guests asking, “Are you having that Halloween contest again? What day is your Christmas event?” Give your guests something to look forward to. 


Decorating your facility will create a warm welcoming feeling for your guests. Decorating can be time consuming and potentially costly. Fortunately, you can use the same supplies every year. Although it is more appealing if you update your decorations each year.  

Have a special holiday event or contest 

  • Halloween Costume Contest 
  • Haunted House for small children 
  • Trunk or Treat  
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest 
  • Coloring Contest 
  • Christmas Tree Decorating Contest 
  • Christmas Ornament making 
  • 12 days of Christmas Event 
  • Food or clothing drive paired with a charity event 
  • Give away calendars for New Years 
  • Have a Super Bowl Party 

Gatemaster Halloween Contest.jpg

Give your guests gift ideas 

During the holidays display gift ideas and your facilities gift cards. Offer special discounts for buying multiple gift cards. Example: For every $50 gift card purchased, you give a $5 gift card. The guest may give this extra gift card as present or use it for another visit to your facility.  

Easy discount ideas 

  • Repeat guest discount/Bounce back pass 
  • Post discounts to Facebook and Twitter. Have your guest show you their phone displaying the discount to approve it.   
  • When a child returns with a finished coloring page, give free child admission. 
  • If your having a food/clothing drive, give discounts for guests bringing in their donations.  
  • Raffle off memberships to your facility 

Post to social media 

Keep your guests engaged by fully utilizing social media. Post everyday, post photos, discounts, surveys, recommendations, contest, news, and events. 

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