If your Haunted Attraction is using multiple software systems and e-commerce platforms (in lieu of just one integrated point of sale and ticketing system) it can lead to missed reporting opportunities, operational inefficiencies, and increased opportunity costs. This is not the sort of nightmare that you want at your Haunted Attraction.

If the following apply to your operation, I can help take the fright out of your point of sale and ticketing systems:

1. Avoid Per Ticketing Charges: Why pay online per ticketing charges? Research indicates that most online ticketing companies charge either a percentage or a flat rate (e.g., 75 cents per ticket), and in some cases both. If you can find a system like Gatemaster that has NO per-ticket charge, that alone will save you thousands of dollars right away.

2. Simplify Your Operations: Find a point of sale and ticketing system that is feature rich and that can run your Admissions Box Office, Retail Store, Food & Beverage operations and capture invaluable customer information to market and target your customers to help increase your market share. The key here is to find one, robust point of sale and ticketing system that functions more like a Swiss Army knife, as opposed to using multiple software and web-based systems. This will decrease your operating costs and make the job easier for your staff.

3. Control & Flexibility: One of the biggest things that my clients tell me after they’ve implemented Gatemaster is that their theft (shrinkage) problems all but disappeared. This is a great way to protect your investments with proven cost controls.

4. Dedicated Support and Training: When searching for a point of sale system look for one that provides quality support, training, and on-boarding processes. Make sure that your relationship with your point of sale and ticketing system provider continues well after the sale. For example, my role as Client Service Manager is to provide you the tools to establish success for the long term.

Your point-of-sale and ticketing system is a crucial part of a successful operation. Finding an integrated software and e-commerce solution like Gatemaster will go a long way to exorcise the demons from your current point of sale and ticketing system. If you want to see Gatemaster in action, call me (510) 686-4403

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