What Exactly is a Season Pass?

A season pass is a form of ticketing that entitles pass holders to future admission or entry to the park for a season. Season pass holders are often your biggest supporters and fans of your park and attractions.

Let’s talk about the benefits. Here you’ll see how they are being done and how easy it is to build and streamline your Season Pass customer base while improving the guest experience:

  • Admission: When you purchase a season pass you get unlimited or frequent access to your favorite park at a deeply discounted rate. It’s been my experience that most customers see value in a season pass price that is close in value to 2-3 days’ worth of tickets. With a pass in hand, getting park entry is a breeze, just scan your pass and enjoy the park!
  • In-Park Discounts and Coupons: These include other park-wide benefits like 10% off at food or gift shop outlets, free souvenir cups with refills, discounts on additional tickets, and other hospitality benefits. These can be used to drive traffic to certain areas of the park, to increase in-park spending from each guest, or as a tool to introduce new products being offered this season.
  • Newsletter and Mailing List: Once you’ve collected season pass holder data you now have direct access to their inbox. Whether you employ direct mail marketing or an email newsletter, it’s important to keep pass holders informed, to invite them to exclusive events, new rides, show previews, renewal discounts and more. They love to hear from you when you’ve got something awesome for them!
  • Special Offers: Partnering with other companies so that season pass holders may benefit beyond the park creates a valuable marketing channel between you and other local business. Offering discounts at other establishments increases the value of the pass and helps local business and the community.
  • Upsells: While some parks include parking, others may choose to allow season pass holders the option to add-on parking at a discounted rate. It’s like having your own parking spot each time you visit!

Season Pass holders are a special group of customers that show their support from season to season so help them feel appreciated for their loyalty by giving them the best value while increasing the park’s potential for excellence!

Here’s a great demonstration of how a Kentucky Kingdom Season Pass pays for itself in just one visit:

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