Social media and online marketing have revolutionized the way ski resorts find and communicate with their customer base. Those who recognize the potential of reaching a worldwide audience have already begun the process of broadening their branding efforts and leaving an imprint where traditional marketing has failed. They’re creating niche blogs and flooding social networking platforms, leaving a trail of dust for those who haven’t yet risen to the occasion. Social Media Marketing for Ski Resorts SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES In addition to their dependency on tourism, the majority of ski resorts are seasonal and should take special notice of the vast online opportunities available to them. Vail Resorts, the renowned mountain resort conglomerate, has shown special interest in their customer base by allotting 80% of their total marketing budget toward social media marketing and other digital production. In order to keep skiers in the loop, Vail has recently developed three new websites that provide access to relevant information regarding their locations. Even for those running a single website, it’s crucial to stay active and available on all platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Responsiveness to customer feedback and relevance to current events will keep customers interested and informed. BLOGGING While developing communication on social media websites is vital, there are also more passive ways of getting the message out. Running a blog is a great way of building an online presence. Bloggers don’t typically communicate directly with their customers, but still manage to penetrate the fog of the web through reviews, experiences and industry relevant tips and tricks.. The Canyons, Utah’s largest ski franchise, took its social media marketing to a whole new level by launching an employee-run blog in addition to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. To summarize, there are four things that aid in the best social media marketing for Ski Resorts.
  • Providing captivating content on a daily basis.
  • Updating the customers by informing them about weather conditions, as well as posting images and video clips.
  • Being creative in terms of content and adopting a non-traditional way of communicating with the people.
  • Being available at all times and focusing on both quality and quantity. The frequency with which you appear in your customers’ newsfeed makes a world of difference.
Gatemaster recognizes the usefulness of social media and has developed a way for customers to login to your E-Commerce store with Facebook. The connection between marketing, along with linking social media to your E-Commerce page, allows you to start monetizing your social media efforts.

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