There are a lot of great tools out in the point-of-sale universe that, if you are not using, you are missing out on amazing sales opportunities. Vouchers and consignment ticketing are two unique tools that will be available with many point-of-sale systems, however if your current point-of-sale does not have these options, please contact us for a free consultation. Benefits and uses for Vouchers 
  • Vouchers give you the ability to offer a “Rainy Day” guarantee. 
  • Your customers can avoid lines. 
  • You can choose to make a voucher valid until the end of season (or any date you choose) 
  • Vouchers can also be used as bounce back passes.  
  • When vouchers are used as bounce back passes you can create combo packages to keep customers coming back and spending money.  
  • Vouchers can be used as promotions.  
    • Give vouchers to your local radio station 
    • Give vouchers to other local business’ to be given or raffled to their employees. This makes you money because they will bring their family and friends! 
Benefits and uses for Consignment Ticketing 
  • Partner with other local companies to sell your tickets. 
  • Partner with other local companies to create a special deal or event.  
  • You can issue blocks of tickets to your consignment partners and only charge them when tickets are redeemed.  
  • You save time and money while making money! 
If your season has ended or is about to start up, make sure you have a plan in place to utilize these amazing features. Make doing business with your customers easy! Get to know your local business partners within your community.   Related Blogs How to Solve Big Problems with Mobile Point-of-Sale 4 Tips for Optimizing Your Point-of-Sale


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