Hannah Ward

Hannah is our guest presenter and currently the Marketing Manager at Next Wave Insurance Services located in San Diego, California. On October 13, 2020, at 11 am MST Hannah will give a webinar discussing the Regsaver feature on Gatemaster and answer any questions about the insurance program.

Regsaver is built into the Gatemaster platform and can act as a solution to your “no refund” policy. In these uncertain times protecting your finances is likely a top priority, and this feature can relieve some of the burdens of refunding tickets, memberships, and season passes. Below are a few reasons to activate Regsaver:

  • A free feature as part of your Gatemaster package
  • A solution to your “No Refund” policy
  • Customers purchase insurance with at checkout
  • Affordable coverage: 6-7% of ticket cost depending on the policy chosen
  • Covers illness, injury, job layoff, active service, and more

Sign up for this webinar below, or contact us to activate today!

Next Wave is the exclusive distributor of Regsaver. Next Wave Insurance Services, CA License # OF00755

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