Our Team

Meet Our Team

Dr. Stephen Richardson

Founder & Senior Software Architect

Dr. Richardson started Gatemaster, like many successful San Francisco bay area tech start-ups, in his garage. Since its inception in 1994, Gatemaster has grown to become the industry leader in point-of-sale and ticketing software with clients in 16 countries worldwide and satellite offices in California, Utah and Colorado. He lives (and programs) in northern California.

Tiffany Blair

Director Of Operations

Tiffany has been Gatemaster’s leading onboarding and support guru for over a decade. She has supported the opening of hundreds of businesses in over 11 different industries and 16 countries. Tiffany is an expert problem solver specializing in increasing revenue, identifying cost saving problems, and creating solutions.  


Joshua Green

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Josh is owner and founder of Green Legal Group, P.C., a general practice firm that provides high quality legal services primarily in the areas of business and corporate law, intellectual property, divorce and family law, and estate and probate law. His focus at the firm is business and intellectual property, especially trademarks and copyrights. In addition to running his own firm he is Director of Strategic Partnerships here at Gatemaster.

Sondra Shannon

Chief Executive Officer

Sondra started out originally as a Gatemaster client operating an the late 90’s. She worked in Gatemaster’s training department traveling the world assisting clients in opening new facilities, then moving to sales and now Gatemaster CEO. Sondra has been crucial to Gatemaster’s growth as chief executive officer. She prides herself upon bringing her core values of integrity, clarity, and prosperity in the business and software development culture at Gatemaster.



Adam Macy

Web Development

Adam is our resident web guru having spearheaded Gatemaster’s e-commerce and mobile pos development teams. When he is not programming projects he is tending to his goats and chickens with his family.


Benjamin Koenig

Account Executive

Ben is an Account Executive at Gatemaster where he onboards new clients, tackling problems and bringing each unique business up-to-speed. He spends his time creating automation and detailed solutions related to POS operations and troubleshooting. Ben earned his degree in Engineering Technology while studying at the Advanced Technical College in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Jake Shannon

Chief Financial Officer

Jake Shannon holds a master of science degree in financial engineering from golden gate university and prior to his work with Gatemaster he co-founded (and currently serves on the board) of reverse market insight, inc., a data analysis and consulting firm specializing in the reverse mortgage industry. He currently lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife and three children.


Brandi Blair

Director Client Services

Brandi has elevated Gatemaster’s b2b relationships with a specific emphasis upon customer service and technical support. Prior to Gatemaster, Brandi spent 11 years with b2b clients at Verizon Wireless. Brandi has lead Gatemaster’s Utah call-center. Now she manages Gatemaster’s social media presence, marketing, trade shows, client relations programs and agent quality assurance.


Carlos Dams

Account Executive

Carlos is an Account Executive that manages domestic and international accounts serving both our Spanish and English-speaking clients. In addition to managing Gatemaster accounts he has assisted in product testing for exciting new Gatemaster solutions. Carlos has a BSc in Accountancy and MBA in Information and Technology from Universidad Bicentenaria de Aragua.

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