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Gatemaster has been a leading point of sale processing platform in the amusement and family entertainment spaces for over 25 years. From our legacy and flagship payment solution products to brand new supplementary or add on tools that we are launching this year –  we have been providing solutions to your problems and have a deep understanding of what you face in the ticketing and entertainment industries. Review our list of products below or contact a specialist from Gatemaster to find out what suite of products may best suit your needs.

Our Software Products


ParkTabs allows you to offer tab based payment services to your attendees. Make more money and allow your customers to have more fun with Tab based family entertainment. Run a balance throughout the day and settle up when you leave for maximum fun and reduced lines.

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Gatemaster Mobile allows for a smooth operating business over internet-connected tablets and phones in order to handle all of your Point-Of-Sales needs. This solution is ideal for start-up or Mom-And-Pop family entertainment operations in need of a simple but flexible payment solution.

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Scorecard Pro

Connect your mini golf scorecards with customer payments for a paperless and professional customer experience that only allows users to play after paying. MyMiniGolfScorecard Pro is an online scorecard platform that connects with our payment software for customer accountability.

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Managing your parks revenue on a day by day basis is hard, but not with ParkTracker. Customize your analytics views to see what is happening and where your revenue is coming from – or where it’s not. Make quick changes on a day to day basis to maximize your revenue with key insights.

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Gatemaster Online provides a customized e-commerce interface and is a great stand-alone solution for increasing your online sales and can be custom designed to connect with and feel like your current website. Connect Gatemaster online with Gatemaster Native for complete transaction control.

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Schedule events instantly with PartyMaster, our party booking software that allows for self-serviced customer experiences. Allow your customers to book a space, amenities, food and beverage services, and more all at their own convenience online while connecting customer data.

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Plug N' Play

Gastemaster Plug N’ Play allows for a flexible and affordable online payment solution that connects to your current website without the need for custom development services associated with the integration. Ideal for smaller operations looking for an affordable online ticketing and booking solution.

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Reduce turnover rates and decrease your employee onboarding expenses with streamlined online training in a gamified educational environment. Make training more fun and flexible with ParkTrainer to educate your employees on Standards of Procedure each season.

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Gatemaster Native is our flagship point of sales software that can run directly on PC terminals and is a great solution for enterprise environments or facilities with poor internet access. Increase your sales and decrease line times with a better Point-Of-Sales system.

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For any Waiver based activity, we provide an easy to customize waiver system that can be attached to any of our payment solutions for easy Waiver completion for your customers looking to get more adventurous! Collect and store waivers alongside payments from new customers.

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