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Discover innovative and cutting-edge software solutions for attractions with Gatemaster Tech. Our user-friendly platform elevates the customer experience to new heights, leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention. With our unique features like integrated payment processing, automated ticketing and upsells, and touchless QR scanning, you can revolutionize your attraction’s operations and give your customers an unprecedented level of convenience.

Take your business to the next level with Gatemaster Tech – join the Customer Driven Revolution today!

Experience a new level of buying with Gatemaster Tech’s Guest Driven Transactions!

Our user-friendly platform offers features like personalized product recommendations, easy-to-navigate product catalogs, booking systems, mobile ordering on-site, and integrated payment processing to make shopping with us not only convenient but also enjoyable. 

Unlock the potential for up to 40% revenue gains – join us on the journey to better customer satisfaction with an Enhanced Buyer’s Experience!

The Tech Side Of Fun!

All-in-one Attraction Park Management Software Suite

Gatemaster has spent over two decades creating innovative software products that increase revenue, maximize operations and enhance the guest experience.   No matter the size of your attraction, we have something to fit your needs.

Point of sale

A single powerful platform to run everything from Entry, Retail, and Food and beverage. 

Online Ticketing and eCommerce

Online sales that have an onsite impact.

Mobile Ordering

Order any food and retail items from their phones. Delivery Options are also available—QRCode compatible. 

Mobile Ticketing

Mobile season passes, membership, and tickets on any phone.

Revenue Tracker and Analytics

Reports and graphs to help manage your day today business at your fingertips.

Integrated Tools

Customer dashboard, CRM, gift cards, cashless system, rentals, photo uploads, waivers, 3rd party tickets, and more. 

Gatemaster PartyMaster

Party Booking & Group Sales

Book events online, in person, or over the phone. 

Gatemaster GreenGate

Reservation Times and Classes

Schedules classes or make reservation times for any activity or space. 

Gatemaster ParkWaiver

Access Control

Invalidate Admissions, Virtual Queuing and guest check-in from any device. No App Needed. 

Our Industries

We know every attraction is unique which is why our platform is flexible and backed by our concierge-level service. 

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