All-In-One Zoo Management Software

Tame the wild world of zoo admissions with our all-in-one solutioN!

Let guests take control of their zoo experience with our seamless, guest-driven transactions. Our all-in-one suite is tailored specifically for zoos and wildlife encounters, so you can say goodbye to outdated and fragmented systems. With our cutting-edge technology, you can effortlessly manage ticketing, memberships, donations, events, and more.

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Our all-in-one waterpark management suite streamlines your operations, enhances the guest experience, and boosts revenue.


  • Seamless guest-driven transactions: Guests can purchase tickets, memberships, and donations online or at the gate.
  • Streamlined event management: Easily create and manage events, including registrations, payments, and schedules.
  • Powerful reporting tools: Track your revenue, attendance, and other key metrics.
  • Robust security features: Keep your guests’ data safe and secure.


  • Improve guest experience: Give guests the power to control their own experience with our easy-to-use platform.
  • Save time and money: Streamline your operations with our all-in-one solution.
  • Increase revenue: Boost your bottom line with our powerful reporting tools.

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Get Wild About Gatemaster Tech!

During our free discovery call, you’ll delve into the incredible features that make Gatemaster the go-to choice for zoos. Here’s a sneak peek at what awaits you:

Memberships with Photo Upload: Provide a seamless membership experience by allowing guests to upload their own photos, making identification a breeze every visit.

Easy Membership Renewals: Simplify the membership renewal process, ensuring your guests continue to enjoy the perks of being part of your zoo family.

Donations: Make it effortless for supporters to contribute to your conservation efforts, strengthening your mission and impact.

Point-of-Sale and Ticketing: Seamlessly integrate all your ticketing and point-of-sale needs, from food and merchandise to additional attractions.

Integrated E-Commerce: Take your zoo’s offerings beyond the gates with our integrated e-commerce solution, enabling online sales and expanding your reach.

Group and Special Event Booking: Cater to groups and special events with ease, managing reservations, scheduling, and payments effortlessly.

Inventory Control: Keep track of your inventory, whether it’s merchandise, concession items, or wildlife encounter supplies, ensuring optimal operations.

Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your zoo’s performance with comprehensive reporting and analytics, empowering data-driven decision-making.

Groupon and 3rd Party Promo Upload: Expand your promotional reach by seamlessly integrating Groupon and other third-party promotions into your ticketing system.

CRM and Easy Exporting: Manage your customer relationships effectively with our integrated CRM system, complete with easy exporting capabilities.

Access Control: Enhance security and guest management with our robust access control features, ensuring a smooth and secure entry process.

Single Attraction Services: Customize your offerings with single attraction services, allowing guests to choose specific experiences tailored to their interests.

Wildlife Encounters with Capacity Scheduling: Optimize the guest experience by implementing capacity scheduling for wildlife encounters, ensuring a magical and intimate interaction.

Value Added Business Partnerships: Foster strategic alliances and partnerships with our value-added business features, enhancing your zoo’s offerings and revenue streams.

Products For Profitability


Guests can plan and book a party at their own convenience with this online self-service platform.


Get custom analytics about whether souvenirs, food, or special events are bringing in the most revenue!


Keep your zoo employees up-to-date on training and get new employees onboarded in a fun and gamified way!


A customizable waiver that allows guests to quickly and easily opt into adventures that walk on the wild side.

Gatemaster Mobile

Get a smoother operating point-of-sale system so you can handle transactions with any mobile device or tablet.

Plug N' Play

An affordable online solution for ticket sales and event booking that connects to your current website.

What Happy Customers Are Saying

“Gatemaster has helped us take our multiple manual systems for POS, ticketing, retail, reporting, e-commerce and combine them into one unified system that was built for our industry. Everyone here loves it from frontline staff to accounting to management it has made all of our lives easier.”

-Matthew U.

“Gatemaster has helped us take our multiple manual systems for POS, ticketing, retail, reporting, e-commerce and combine them into one unified system that was built for our industry. Everyone here loves it from frontline staff to accounting to management it has made all of our lives easier.”

-Matthew U.

“We love the integration. We love the fact when we book a reservation we can put in the food, the room, and reserve laser tag at a specific time slot. The fact that it becomes a single source of truth, is really the thing we love.”

-Jerry W.

“I used this product several years ago in a previous job. The company I worked for owned an aquarium, tour boat, banquet hall and an exhibition center. I used this software to create group reservations and to check-in groups upon arrival. This software worked very well for the general admission process and the point of sale terminals in the gift shop and the cafe. The company also sent someone to our location to help us get acclimated to the new system.”

-Stephanie M.

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