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Unlock the full potential of your aquarium and create an unforgettable experience for your guests with Gatemaster Technology. Our comprehensive suite of tools and features is designed to streamline your operations, increase revenue, and enhance guest satisfaction. From ticketing and memberships to event booking and animal encounters, Gatemaster has you covered. Dive into a world of possibilities and discover how we can help you make a splash in the industry.

How We Can Help

With Gatemaster, your guests can effortlessly purchase tickets to marine-life encounters, buy memberships, book parties, make donations, and more. Our user-friendly system empowers your visitors to explore and enjoy all that your aquarium has to offer. Say goodbye to long queues and complicated processes, and hello to a seamless and enjoyable guest experience.

Take the Plunge with Gatemaster:

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Unleash the Power of Gatemaster:

Point-of-Sale and Ticketing: Simplify your ticketing process and streamline transactions with our intuitive point-of-sale system. Sell tickets efficiently and provide a hassle-free entry experience for your guests.

Memberships with Photo Upload: Offer exclusive membership programs and capture your visitors’ moments with our photo upload feature. Engage your members and create lasting memories.

Easy Membership Renewals: Keep your membership base thriving with automated and easy renewal options. Ensure your loyal patrons continue to enjoy the perks of being part of your aquarium community.

Donations: Make it effortless for your guests to support your cause. Our integrated donation platform enables seamless contributions, helping you fund critical initiatives and conservation efforts.

Integrated E-Commerce: Maximize your revenue potential with our integrated e-commerce solution. Sell merchandise, souvenirs, and other aquatic-themed products both onsite and online.

Group and Special Event Booking: Host unforgettable events and cater to groups of all sizes with our specialized booking system. From birthday parties to corporate gatherings, our solution ensures a smooth and memorable experience for all.

Inventory Control: Keep track of your stock and manage your inventory efficiently. Our inventory control feature helps you optimize purchasing, minimize waste, and maintain a well-stocked gift shop.

Food & Beverage Sales: Enhance the dining experience at your aquarium with our food and beverage sales module. From quick bites to gourmet meals, our system streamlines the ordering process and increases revenue.

Reporting and Analytics: Gain valuable insights into your operations with our comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. Make data-driven decisions and identify areas for improvement to enhance efficiency and profitability.

Groupon and 3rd Party Promo Upload: Expand your reach and attract more visitors with ease. Seamlessly integrate Groupon deals and other third-party promotions into your system, driving more footfall to your aquarium.

CRM and Easy Exporting: Strengthen your relationship with your guests and maintain a robust customer database with our built-in customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Effortlessly export data for targeted marketing campaigns and personalized communications.

Access Control: Ensure the safety and security of your guests and exhibits with our advanced access control features. Manage entry permissions and monitor visitor flow for a smooth and secure experience.

Single Attraction Services: Gatemaster is tailored to the unique needs of aquariums, providing specialized features and services specific to your industry. We understand your challenges and are committed to delivering solutions that cater to your requirements.

Animal Encounters with Capacity Scheduling: Enhance the interactive experience at your aquarium with our capacity scheduling for animal encounters. Manage reservations and ensure optimal guest participation while prioritizing the well-being of your marine life.

Online and Onsite Waivers: Simplify the waiver process and ensure compliance with our online and onsite waiver management. Seamlessly collect necessary consent and documentation, providing a safe and enjoyable experience for your guests.

Products For Profitability


Allow your guests to walk on the wild side with this easy to use, customizable waiver, accessible on any tablet.


Get real-time data about all incoming revenue to determine how to make each day a profitable one.


Make training your employees almost as fun as being a guest at the park by gamifying employee education.


Guests can reserve time for special events such as a birthday party, or marine life encounter conveniently online!

Gatemaster Mobile

This web-based point-of-sale system is perfect for handling transactions on any mobile device or tablet.

Plug N' Play

A simple and flexible solution for online ticket sales and event booking that connects to your current website.

What Happy Customers Are Saying

“I like the E2 reports and being able to find all the information there. I like the ability to call in with issues and you guys can remote in and help me through it. I like that I can add items to the point-of-sale fairly quickly.”

-Ben R.

“I’ve had this system for 7 years and have been in the mini golf industry for over 35 years and I wish I had this from the beginning. The experience I’ve had with Gatemaster and continue to have with Gatemaster is by far the best I’ve ever had with any company.”

-Thomas N.

“We love the integration. We love the fact when we book a reservation we can put in the food, the room, and reserve laser tag at a specific time slot. The fact that it becomes a single source of truth, is really the thing we love.”

-Jerry W.

“I like the E2 reports and being able to find all the information there. I like the ability to call in with issues and you guys can remote in and help me through it. I like that I can add items to the point-of-sale fairly quickly.”

-Ben R.

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