Hannah Ward

Hannah is our guest presenter and currently the Marketing Manager at Next Wave Insurance Services located in San Diego, California. She leads business development initiatives for the Registration Saver (Regsaver) program and has been an integral part of bringing it to market.


In partnership with AIG, Next Wave co-developed Regsaver as a solution to your “no refund” policy to take away the headache of dealing with non-refundable tickets, attraction passes, and registrations. The policy is offered during the checkout experience so that consumers can easily insure their non-refundable costs by just a click of a box. Regsaver caters to a variety of markets, such as: attractions, tour & activities, events, youth sports, and endurance races. As the exclusive distributor of Regsaver, Next Wave has partnered with companies like Gatemaster, Comcast NBC, Time Inc, and Dicks Sporting Goods, to offer Regsaver to their customers.

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