GreenGate: ScoreCard App Branded to Your Park!

Your guests could have a mini-golf scorecard app on their phone with: 

  • Your Branding, Your Courses, Your Par
  • Posts to Facebook and Instagram with Your BrandInformation
  • Feeds for Dynamic Leader Boards at Your Park
  • Park information on Your Custom Pages within the app

The GreenGate Mobile App will take your guests directly to their own custom scorecard designed to match your park’s branding, the course, and correct pars. All with a quick scan of a barcode provided at checkout using your Gatemaster point-of-sale or e-commerce store.  

Additional Features

  • The guest with the app will then input the names of the players and input the score on each hole.
  • The app automatically totals the scores
  • The Leaderboard feed at Your Location that you can display on Any Monitor or set of monitors with an internet connection and a browser.

 Upcoming enhancements include:

  • In app offers or promotions

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