Guarantee the Good Times: Building Trust & Satisfaction in Waterparks & Theme Parks ⭐


In this livestream recap of “Live with Sondra,” we delve into the enriching conversation between industry veteran Jim Kunau and our CEO, Sondra Shannon.

Jim Kunau’s Insights:

Jim Kunau, boasting of a remarkable 30-year journey in water and theme parks, shares invaluable insights into creating exceptional guest experiences.

Gatemaster’s Approach:

At Gatemaster, we echo Jim’s sentiments by prioritizing guest satisfaction and trust through innovative solutions and personalized experiences.

Guest Preferences and Technology:

Jim discusses the evolving landscape of guest preferences and the transformative impact of technology, such as mobile ordering and cashless systems, on revenue and guest satisfaction.

Sondra’s Perspective:

Sondra highlights the importance of empowering employees and fostering personal connections between staff and guests to elevate the overall park experience.

Improving Guest Experience:

The conversation delves into strategies for enhancing guest interactions and satisfaction, including streamlining pass processing and offering prepaid options to boost revenue.

Creating Memories and Guest-Centric Culture:

Jim reflects on the lasting memories attractions create for families and emphasizes the significance of community service initiatives in fostering a guest-centric culture.

Our Client’s Guests Appreciation and Value:

We recognize the invaluable feedback and experiences shared by our clients’ guests, underscoring the importance of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the industry.

Connecting with the Speakers:

Sondra and Jim expressed their gratitude for the conversation and invited viewers to share information and resources to help improve inclusivity in the industry.
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As we conclude this recap, we invite you to engage further by sharing your expertise and insights with our community, ensuring mutual growth and success in the attractions industry.

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