Innovate to Captivate: Enhancing Guest Engagement in Attractions

Join Gatemaster Technology’s CEO, Sondra Shannon, for a captivating conversation with Barry Zelickson, founder of Next Exit Entertainment and Fun Across America, as they delve into the world of innovative guest engagement in attractions! This lively discussion explores the latest trends, the power of technology, and the importance of creating unforgettable experiences.

Insights from This Live:
  • Experiential entertainment is booming! Guests crave more than just being passive observers; they want to be active participants in the fun. Escape rooms, VR experiences, and interactive art installations are just a few examples of this growing trend.
  • Keep it fresh for repeat visits! The key to attracting guests back for more is to constantly innovate and add new elements. New storylines, difficulty levels, and experiences will keep your attraction exciting.
  • Technology for all! Even smaller attractions can leverage technology to create unique guest experiences. Gatemaster Technology can help you find the perfect solution for your needs.
Quotes from This Live:
  • “Rather than just being a part participant in an activity you want to interact with it… If you go to a store and buy a sandwich you get a sandwich if you go to a Subway you’re walking down a line and you’re making that sandwich, so you’ve been part of the process… you’re much more likely to be engaged and enjoy that final process if you’ve been involved in it.” – Barry Zelickson.
  • “The best way in the best thing is give people a great experience and they’re going to share it and I think a perfect example we talk about technology we went to a location called beat the bomb and it’s again it’s like an escape room… they have different versions but one of them you get blasted with paint and another one you get you know I think again different types of slimed I think is another… but they’re different that happen if you don’t and then instantly once that happens you get sent a video of them of you getting hit by paint and in the finished thing ready to go with their name ready to send out to all your friends… I mean you know anyone who’s seen that you that’s the immediate thing you’re going to do because they’ve created such a simple way for you to capture a moment and send it on to your friends and get people excited to go out and try it.” – Barry Zelickson.
Fun Across America’s Approach:

Fun Across America champions the value of small attractions and their unique offerings. They showcase these hidden gems, helping them reach a wider audience.

Guest Preferences and Technology:

The future of attractions lies in a perfect blend of innovative technology and exceptional guest service. Technology can enhance the experience, but it should never replace the human touch.

Improving Guest Experience:

Creating a memorable experience requires a focus on all aspects: clean facilities, well-trained staff, operational excellence, and a commitment to guest satisfaction.

Creating Memories and Guest-Centric Culture:

Storytelling and a passion for hospitality are essential ingredients for building a successful attraction. When guests feel valued and have a blast, they’ll be sure to rave about their experience.

Our Client’s Guests’ Appreciation and Value:

Gatemaster Technology is dedicated to providing solutions that help attractions create unforgettable experiences for their guests.

Connecting with the Speakers:

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