Engaging All Ages: Interactive Experiences for a Thriving Attraction


Welcome to a riveting recap of the latest “Live with Sondra” session, where Sondra Shannon, CEO of Gatemaster Technology, and special guest Mary Tannous from Patriots Consulting Group explore the secrets to creating interactive experiences that captivate guests of all ages.

Insights from This Live:
  • The importance of systems, processes, and people:

    Mary emphasizes that these three elements are essential for success in the attractions industry. Systems and processes ensure efficiency and consistency, while people bring creativity and passion to the table.

  • The need for professional development:

    Mary argues that businesses need to invest in professional development for their employees. This will help them to develop the skills and knowledge they need to be successful in their roles.

  • The power of storytelling and creating memories:

    Mary believes that attractions should focus on creating memories for their guests. This can be done through storytelling, immersive experiences, and personalization.

  • The growing importance of technology:

    Mary highlights the growing role of technology in the attractions industry. Technology can be used to create immersive experiences, personalize the guest experience, and collect data to improve operations.

Quotes from This Live:
  • “Once you’ve been in attractions, you are always an attractions person because it’s just a way of life.” 
    – Mary Tannous
  • “I focus on three things in my career and my consulting work is one system process and people because that’s the recipe to success 100%.” 
    – Mary Tannous
  • “We have to figure out how to for my HR team and the people that serve on our leadership team that are serving the rest of the team and helping them get to where they want to go and one of the things that we talk about often and we’ve learned over the years is hiring for attitude. That’s what Disney’s doing because I’ve never had somebody not greet me with a smile when I’ve been in Disneyland or Disney World.”
    – Mary Tannous
  • “There’s nothing set in stone the way the world is going and the innovation and the high expectations of gen Z and the alpha generation this is where the whole virtual reality and AR and all of that came to life is because of their high expectations and adapting. Sometimes, the cookie cutter approach is a brilliant way of doing business because that’s efficiency, that’s consistency, everything that you just talked about which is amazing. But also, sometimes, I always challenge that to say there are times where you cannot do that, you need to adhere to your audience and to your guests to adapt to their needs.”
    – Mary Tannous
Patriots Consulting Group’s Approach:

Patriots Consulting Group prioritizes professional development and guest-centricity, advocating for immersive experiences that leave a lasting impact. Their approach integrates technology seamlessly to enhance guest engagement.

Guest Preferences and Technology:

Mary discusses the pivotal role of technology in modern attractions, stressing the importance of virtual reality, augmented reality, and personalized experiences in meeting the evolving expectations of guests.

Sondra’s Perspective:

Sondra shares her vision for the future of attractions, highlighting the criticality of accessibility and inclusivity in attracting a diverse audience. She underscores the role of technology as a catalyst for innovation and guest engagement.

Improving Guest Experience:

Mary and Sondra explore practical strategies for elevating guest experiences, from personalized interactions to seamless operations. They emphasize the need for attractions to prioritize guest satisfaction at every touchpoint.

Creating Memories and Guest-Centric Culture:

By weaving compelling narratives and immersive experiences, attractions can create lasting memories for guests. Mary underscores the importance of fostering a guest-centric culture rooted in authenticity and exceptional service.

Our Client’s Guests’ Appreciation and Value:

Attractions that embrace innovation and prioritize guest satisfaction, like those advised by Patriots Consulting Group, cultivate deep appreciation and loyalty among their guests.

Connecting with the Speakers:

The insightful dialogue between Sondra and Mary provides a roadmap for industry professionals looking to enhance their attractions and create unforgettable guest experiences.
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As the session concludes, viewers are encouraged to explore further resources and training opportunities to embark on their journey towards creating engaging attractions for all ages.
This electrifying discussion between Sondra Shannon and Mary Tannous offers a glimpse into the future of attractions, where accessibility, storytelling, and technology converge to create enchanting experiences that transcend generations. Tune in to “Live with Sondra” for more captivating conversations with industry experts.