From Thrills to Loyalty: Building a 7-Star Guest Experience Empire

In this episode of “Live With Sondra: From Thrills to Loyalty – Building a 7-Star Guest Experience Empire,” Our CEO, Sondra Shannon sits down with Ruby Newell-Legner, an expert in creating guest-centric cultures and boosting customer satisfaction across various industries. Ruby’s extensive experience includes presenting over 4,000 programs in 25 countries and leading organizations like the National Speaker Association and the Global Speaker Federation. Her passion for exceptional customer service and creating memorable experiences shines through as she shares invaluable insights drawn from her diverse career and personal experiences.

The Inspiration Behind Seven-Star Service

Ruby’s journey towards legendary service was inspired by her stay at a seven-star hotel in Dubai, where the extraordinary attention to detail left a lasting impression. This experience fueled her desire to deliver similar exceptional experiences for her clients. Ruby developed a seven-point service model tailored to the sports, leisure, and entertainment industries, emphasizing the importance of creating positive employee experiences to boost retention and deliver outstanding guest services.

The Importance of a Positive Work Environment

Ruby underscores the critical role of a positive work environment in staff retention and guest satisfaction. She shares her personal experience of feeling lost after a promotion to a managerial position, vowing to prevent her clients from facing similar challenges. By focusing on exceptional onboarding, clear expectations, and treating employees well, businesses can foster a culture where employees thrive and feel valued. Ruby highlights how the daily treatment of employees impacts business reputation, advocating for genuine interactions where staff members bring their personalities to work, creating authentic and memorable guest experiences.

Listening and Acting on Feedback

At the heart of legendary service is the power of listening. Ruby emphasizes that truly understanding customer needs, concerns, and aspirations builds a foundation of trust and empathy. She also highlights the importance of not just listening but taking action to resolve issues promptly, enhancing overall customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Creating a Unified and Engaged Team

Understanding the customer journey and building positive employee relationships are essential for delivering exceptional guest experiences. Both Sondra and Ruby stresses the significance of having a clear mission statement, values, and goals that align the team and keep everyone motivated. They also share stories of successful goal planning with employees and creating a results-oriented culture, emphasizing the importance of celebrating achievements and understanding individual team member’s needs through initiatives like “employee favorite things” surveys.

The Ripple Effect of Legendary Service

Legendary service has a profound ripple effect, turning satisfied customers into loyal brand ambassadors who influence others and foster trust in your brand. Ruby’s experiences illustrate how providing exceptional service can build a thriving community of loyal customers. By consistently delivering outstanding experiences, businesses not only retain customers but also attract new ones through positive word-of-mouth.

Embracing Authentic Leadership

Self-awareness and employee feedback are crucial for effective leadership. Ruby highlights the importance of leaders bringing their personalities into their roles and being transparent with their teams. She shares personal anecdotes about the benefits of authenticity in leadership, such as celebrating achievements together and addressing low-energy days with openness. By fostering a culture of engagement and innovation, leaders can drive growth and create a supportive environment for their teams.

Free Consultation and Collaboration

To further support businesses in improving their guest experiences, Ruby offers a free 30-minute consultation to enhance training programs. She encourages collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the industry, inviting viewers to connect with her through LinkedIn or her website. By working together, businesses can elevate their service standards and achieve the ultimate goal of lifelong customer loyalty.

For more insights and to take advantage of Ruby’s expertise, watch the full video and explore the secrets to building a 7-star guest experience empire.

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