Haunted attractions can be a huge source of revenue during peak season, but if your haunt isn’t technologically advanced, you may be leaving money on the table. Below we dissect 3 ticketing mistakes that have the potential to take your season’s profits and hurt your business.


Mistake 1: Mass Producing Tickets

In anticipation for a stellar haunt season, your business may be tempted to mass produce event tickets. While this may seem like a great idea, mass production of tickets leads to excessive waste and fraud.

When a plethora of tickets are distributed, it increases the risk that people will copy them and give them to friends and family. This is a source of lost profit! With Gatemaster’s integrated E-Commerce and Point-of-Sale system, passes sold online are immediately recognizable at the gate with NO risk for double entry.

Mistake 2: Cash Only

This mistake can negatively impact customer experience as 50% of Americans don’t carry cash on them. If your haunt only accepts cash payments and doesn’t have POS technology that offers multiple ways for guests to pay, you may be turning customers away. An integrated POS system allows your business to track sales and revenue and report them for the future. You may lose these benefits by doing cash only sales.

Mistake 3: Not Upselling

Last year, the NRF estimated Halloween spending to reach a record of $9.1 billion, with 23% of those surveyed saying they plan to visit a haunted attraction – this number only increases each year. How can your business ensure a larger piece of the $9.1 billion pie? Upsells! Guests now view the haunted experience as an evening of entertainment, they expect more and are willing to pay for enhanced thrills. There are so many upsell ticketing options with a haunt and many attractions aren’t taking advantage of them. Some upselling options include but aren’t limited to:

      • VIP tickets
      • Photos
      • Punch cards
      • Unlimited passes

Things can get pretty scary for your bottom line if you’re making any one of these deadly ticketing mistakes. It’s time to take action now to ensure success happens for your haunted attraction this fall.  


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