No doubt your haunted attraction has, or will have, horror-hounds flocking from miles away. A Point-of-Sale (POS) system can improve the experience of visiting your attraction for both the crowds of adrenaline-chasing guests and you. Whether you’re pre-selling tickets or taking payments at the box office, there’s a transaction with each guest at the entrance. Here are three of our top tips to ensure each visitor only experiences fright once they’re inside:

3 Steps to Implementing a Point-of-Sale for your Haunted Attraction

  1. Be sure you have a strong, high-speed internet connection.

You’ll need 25 Mbps or faster and an up-to-date modem and router to harness a new point-of-sale system. Place your equipment near the entrance or box office for the strongest signal so you can expedite all your guests without the dreaded “loading” screen slowing you down. It’s also a good idea to password-protect your main wifi network to ward off neighbors who may be siphoning your signal and leave one open for guests to use if they are using mobile ticketing.

If you’re a haunt in a remote location. Don’t sweat not having an internet connection. Gatemaster has you covered with two ticketing options both on and off the cloud.

  1. Employ a tech-savvy staff.

Hire and train staff who are experienced with technology. While they don’t need to be experts, a prerequisite of trouble-shooting abilities for basics like internet connection, mobile devices, and POS software will help deter everyday hang-ups caused by things like a modem in need of resetting or an overdue app update. Beyond the basics, onboarding should include staff training on ticketing options and experience upgrades that can be offered to guests during purchase. A revenue management program like our newest, GateOp$, can help analyze your current earnings, identify money being left on the table, and inform ways to optimize your sales program including how your staff is upgrading purchases.


  1. Select a top-notch POS partner.

One thing to look for when shopping for a POS service is an easy-to-use tracking and reporting process. By having organized access to revenue details, you’ll be better equipped to evaluate and improve areas where you may be losing dollars and maximize elements that boost your bottom line. The POS should also enhance the guest experience by offering multiple ticketing options. Some guests jump at the chance to buy discounted tickets for purchasing in advance, some want all the bells and whistles of a VIP experience, and some may pass by your mysterious site and opt to get in line for an impromptu evening of shudders and need a walk-up option. However your visitors prefer to purchase, a good POS will offer financial security and fraud protection for all ticketing options. Gatemaster offers an all-inclusive POS program avoiding separate add-on costs and the terror of sticker shock. Save the scaring for your haunt’s guests.  

Even if you already have a POS, it’s a good idea to periodically audit each of these areas to review whether or not you need to modify internet services, equipment, or have questions for your POS partner about any new features that may be available to you. By following these steps you’ll avoid common pitfalls that slow down entry and be prepared for crowds of thrill-seekers.


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