The rental counter at your ski resort is going to have the longest lines, sometimes with wait times over an hour long. A major factor causing these long lines is the unavoidable collection of customer data, DIN, and waivers that need to be signed before your guests can take their rented skis and hit the slopes. At Gatemaster, we have found some solutions to help mitigate the long lines at your rental counter.

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Purchase Online

Give your guests the option to not only purchase their tickets and season passes online but provide the option to purchase a rental voucher where customer data, DIN, and waivers can all be collected, signed, and paid for before they even arrive at your resort! This way, all your guests must do is present their voucher at the rental counter and your employees provide their gear.

Onsite Voucher Purchase

When your guests arrive often their first stop is at the ticket counter. Allow for rental vouchers to be purchased and customer data/DIN collected at the ticket booth. From there you can have the guest sign a waiver at the counter or a waiver station. Additionally, you can provide self-service kiosk where guest can purchase vouchers and have their data collected.

Promote Online Purchasing Throughout Your Resort

Your guests may not have thought about purchasing online until they see long lines since all they want to think about is hitting the slopes! Around your resort promote messages to your guests like, “Beat the line, purchase online”. They can purchase, enter their data, and sign waivers all from their phone while at your facility. When they arrive at the rental counter they simply present a bar code on their phone that will load their purchase and customer/DIN data.

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Market the Benefits of Purchasing Online

Before your season starts, promote to your guests how quick and easy it is for them to purchase online. It saves them time they could be spending on the mountain. You can offer perks for purchasing online like, “Free hot coco or coffee when you purchase your tickets and rental voucher online.” Something as simple as offering a free hot drink to promote online sales will improve your guests experience too.

By automating your sales, it not only improves the guest experience it saves you money!


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