Maybe it’s time to take a look into your operations because correcting bad habits and using the right tools for your facility can save you a lot of time, revenue, and stress. Here are some ideas:

Point-of-Sale, Ticketing, and E-Commerce

You’d be surprised to learn how many facilities have to use multiple POS systems just to run one business simply because they didn’t know better. Your point-of-sale (POS), ticketing, and E-Commerce should be one integrated system running everything from your admissions, retail, rentals, F&B, and web sales. The right POS will be able to provide live updates on sales, spending, inventory, and capacity. Make it easy for you and your employees with one system that does it all.

Stay Up-to-Date

Your point-of-sale is a live environment, constantly being updated with new features. A browser-based POS will automatically update for you but to find out how to use these new features be sure to log into your support portal to learn about these updates to get the most out of the product.

If you are using an installed software, you will have to manually run updates. Keep an eye out for newsletters, blogs, and forum post within the support portal to keep you posted on everything new!

Prevent and Reduce Theft

Your point-of-sale and inventory system should have the ability to run meaningful reports. Oftentimes, reports like this are the only way to uncover employee theft. Theft can go unseen for years until a new point-of-sale is put into place and new best-practices are implemented.

You can prevent ticket fraud by either validating and invalidating tickets. For example, when a ticket is scanned, your POS system can verify if it has been used before. This will prevent a ticket from being sold multiple times by a scalper. When you have access control at your facility you can prevent this type of theft. Read about how access control has helped this Gatemaster customer.

Revenue Management

Successful point-of-sale and ticketing companies like Gatemaster will know how to make you profitable. Gatemaster has added another way for current clients that can increase your bottom line up to 20% in the first year alone. GateOP$ can analyze your product lineup, maximize your current point-of-sale system, and provide a service-based sales program. Overall GateOP$ can simplify your operations while generating more Revenue.


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