When we say “offer a variety” what does that mean? It means several things like games, rides, food, offers and events. Even if your entertainment facility only offers one attraction, like bowling or miniature golf, there are ways to keep your guests interested by offering a variety of special events and offers. For example, every day of the week could be a different theme; Monday is family night, kids golf free with adult ticket purchase, Super Hero Tuesday, come dressed as your favorite super hero and get 20% off the price of admission, Food Truck Friday, arrange for food trucks to set up shop in your parking lot encouraging guests to come to your location and join the fun, etc. Just be sure to post fun photos and advertisements on social media!


Friendly Helpful Staff

Having helpful, approachable staff that is willing to go above and beyond can make an okay guest experience into an excellent one. Staff that is properly trained, knows your expectations, and are empowered by you to make the right decisions help ensure that your facility is providing the best possible experience for your guests.


Location, Location, Location

It’s true, location matters to the success of your entertainment facility. If you are planning to open an admission or attraction based business there are a few points about location to consider.

  • How are the roads leading to your location?
  • Does your guest have to make a U-turn to even pull into your parking lot?
  • Is there a bus stop or other access to public transit near your facility?

Many business owners of FUN businesses will see an increase in revenue if a large retail store is nearby. Some owners have mentioned a decrease in visitors when a new traffic light or median is put in. If your business is established, you may not be able to control the changes to roads the city makes. Be aware of these potential location issues so if they ever happen to your facility, you can focus on drawing in guest in other ways through social media and promotions.


Great Food

Everyone loves food and great food will bring guest to your entertainment facility. Even if you do not offer food at your location you could partner with a local restaurant to create a date night combo. Another great idea mentioned above is to invite food trucks. Food truck rallies are extremely popular right now. You could invite a different set of food trucks to show up every week. If you do offer food but are not seeing any real interest, you can consider revamping your menu. Creating a smaller menu with specialty items is often a great way to keep guest interested and returning.

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A Reason to Come Back

Even a guest with a good experience may never return. Some guests only visit for special occasions. How do you keep happy guests returning on a regular basis? Give your guests a reason to come back again and again. Promotions, bounce back passes, theme nights, and rewards program are a few ways to incentives guests to keep coming back.

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