Many seasonal and/or smaller facilities hesitate when considering an e-commerce shopping cart due to the costs. Fortunately, investing in E-Commerce can increase your profits no matter or your size or seasonality. Gatemaster clients who have opted into our integrated E-Commerce program have reported up to a 25% increase in their sales! 

Heres how:

Increase Convenience

Mom no longer has to make a phone call or show up in advance to book a party, cabana, or purchase tickets. Mom can simply wait until the kids are asleep, pop online, and make reservations. Her confirmation/itinerary will be e-mailed directly to her. You save time by only having to make a quick follow up call for upselling instead of spending an hour going over options. Plus, since Gatemaster’s software and E-Commerce are integrated you will NOT find yourself entering in information from one system to another. Everything is populated for you once your guest makes a purchase.

Increase Spending

When guests can purchase in advance it allows them to budget for their experience in advance allowing them more time to save and plan. If your guest booked and paid in advance the guest will have disposable income when they make their visit. The chances of upsells and add-on items become a more likely scenario.

Expands Reach

Guests are more likely to go out of their way and try new things if they can research and purchase online. Guests who may not have normally gone out of their way to come to your facility may take the opportunity, simply because you have an E-Commerce.

Provides Information

No one likes surprises. Guests want to know what to expect. Being able to see cost while checking out your product offering will make your guests feel comfortable giving you their hard-earned money. When guest purchase online you are able to better project attendance and plan accordingly.

Get a Step Up on Your Competition

Does your competitor have an E-Commerce store? If they do have an E-Commerce site, they could be taking your business. This is your opportunity because everyone loves a deal.

The advantages for your guests purchasing online in advance are real:

Skip the line. Guest go straight to the gate.
Provide online discounts for purchasing in advance.
Or, in lieu of a discount, provide an extra benefit for making purchases online like extra tokens, free drinks, or a bounce-back pass.


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