There is no better way to keep people coming back to your waterpark than rewarding them for their loyalty or providing a list of incentives to bring them back into your waterpark. Here are 5 great ways to reward guests and keep the good times splashing at your waterpark.

1. Express Passes

One of the great many rewards that you can provide guests with to get the most out of your park is an express pass. The express pass is exactly as it sounds, a pass that allows guests to either move through a line quicker or skip directly to the front of the line.

2. Merchandise and Food Discounts

While being able to the get the most out of your park in terms of rides, you can also provide guests with the opportunity to get the most out of the apparel and food that your park has to offer. By providing food and merchandise discounts to guests, they have  to spend money within the park thus increasing returns for the season.

3. Friend Passes and Friend Discounts

Give guests the option to take on your park with their partner in crime. Allowing guests to bring a friend to the park for free or bring a friend and let them reap the rewards only brings more people into park. Giving them access to these discounts gives them more incentive to spend more within the park. Two birds with one stone am I right?!


4. Season Pass with Additional Perks

A season pass is the best value for someone looking to spend a lot of time at your park. Typically these are paired with many additional perks to really draw the attention of a long-time park goer. To get an idea of bonuses to include in this package deal, check out Morey’s Pier season pass perks.


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5. Free Locker Rental

One of the hassles of bringing items to a waterpark is the inconvenience of needing a safe, secure place for guests to store their belongings.Why not offer it to them for free? Making them more at home and comfortable in your park adds much more value to guests, reeling them in to return again and again.  

Bringing people back to your park is one of the most important goals to have while running your park. In order to do this you must give them a reason to keep coming back. This list will provide ideas and details for additional offers for your own park.

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