Do you need help increasing your birthday party sales? Are you guests frustrated and overwhelmed by the birthday party experience at your facility? Gatemaster has some genius ways to increase your sales, keep customers coming back, and improve your online reviews. Book online No one likes going to a website to research a party just to find they must call your facility to get more information or book the party. When shopping around for anything, people will go with the easiest option. Make it easy for your guests to do business with you. Start booking birthday parties online. Provide all the details When guests visit your website to book a party, they want to know all the details. List everything that is included. When there are no surprises for your guest, there will be no surprises when it comes to your online reviews. Guests are more likely to book with you because they fully understand what’s included. Itinerary Unless this is a surprise party there should be no surprises to the hosting guest. When your guest books with you, provide an itinerary of how your parties are organized. How long into the party is food and cake served? Are there scheduled activates? Do you have a mascot that will be making a special birthday appearance? All this and more should be prescheduled for your guest. Online waivers Online waivers can easily be sent out along with e-invites. When you use an online waiver system, it makes keeping track of who signed the waivers easy for your employees. Party Host Your Party Host needs to be the most fun, outgoing, and attentive employee. Make sure your Party Host calls your guest a few days in advance to remind them of the party and take this time to offer more services to your guest. Once your guest arrives, your Party Host will be there to greet them and supply the Itinerary. Giving your guest the confidence that this party will go off without a hitch. Survey Your guests want to know that you value their opinion. Your guest may even have some insightful feedback to improve future experiences. By offering the guest a way to provide feedback at the end of the party gives you the ability to address those concerns now. This creates the likelihood that your customers will leave good online reviews because issues that may have come up have already been resolved. Related Blogs Great ideas for Extending Your Season Why You Need Vouchers and Consignment Ticketing 4 Cool Webtools


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