If your goal for 2020 is to break your attendance record
from past years, we’ve got some tips for you to keep in mind while strategizing
your social media content.

You may be thinking, “I’m on social media. I’m good.” No, you need a truly active presence to attract new customers. Here are some ideas:


  • Post three times a day. You can share fun videos, photos of past guests having a great time, where to buy passes and hold a contest.

  • When you get a comment, react or reply quickly. Even if it’s a rude comment it is still nice to say, “Thank you for you input.” Or respond with something quirky… Just be careful with that one.  Here are 10 funny social media responses to check out.

  • Encourage happy customers to leave reviews. Most of the time you must WOW someone or make them upset for them to go out of their way to leave an online review. Simply asking your customers directly to leave a review or post a photo while tagging your business can increase your happy reviews and draw new customers in.

  • Answer questions when asked. You might get a random question on a photo of a new attraction asking what time you open when they could have simply checked out your page. Instead of ignoring the silly question, answer it like this. “Doors open at 10 am to 10 pm. We hope to see you soon and tell us about your experience!” Customers appreciate this kind of engagement.

  • Take part in community events like farmers markets, crafts fairs, school events, and comic book conventions. Any event in your local area where you can handout coupons and see your customers face to face. Share these events that you are attending on social media to generate a buzz. Give Free tickets to customers who are willing to be on camera and share how excited they are to visit your location.

  • Make it fun. Go out of your way to show you, your employees, and your customers having a genuinely good time. The authenticity will show and increase your attendance through your social content.