Are you losing money? Are guests not returning for a second visit? Do you need to take your fun center to the next level? If you want your fun center to be successful, there are certain tools you can’t do without.

1. Access Control

The benefits of access control, even at smaller facilities, often outweigh the cost of the hardware. When you have access control you get better analytics and reporting, tickets cannot be duplicated, and provides a better experience for guests who purchased online or have season passes. Additionally, guests appreciate the time-saving ability to skip the ticket counter and go straight to the gate. Access control will save you money ensuring that guests have paid before entering your fun center.

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2. Guest Loyalty Program

Give incentives to your existing guests to come back again and again! There are many reasons your guests love coming to your facility, give them one more reason with a rewards program. You can offer a free visit after 10, or a discount after 5 visits. Create a rewards program that works for your facility.

3. Updated Solutions

It can be really frustrating for employees and guests if they are relying on hardware and software that is not updated. Mobile solutions are becoming more popular because they are browser-based. Being browser-based means your software is always up-to-date and can be used on any device with internet access. Learn more about Gatemaster Mobile.

4. Social Media

Your social media page tells your guests about your business with pictures, videos, and posts.

Show potential guests what fun they could be having by visiting your facility! Social media is a great tool to promote events and discount offers.

5. Staff

When a guest has a question or needs help, if they can’t find someone to assist them quickly, it might lead to an upset customer leaving poor online reviews. Having a properly staffed facility will increase guest satisfaction, safety, and reduce theft at your fun center.

6. Training

When your staff is properly trained your facility will run more smoothly. Having documented policy, procedure, and training material makes all the difference in how well your employees can do their job.

7. Guest Demographics

Knowing your client base by understanding who they are and what they like will help your business grow. Collecting customer information like age, gender, birthday, hobbies will help you better market to your guests.

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