We are knee deep (no pun intended) in the 2017-2018 ski season but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be looking at solutions for your resort. We’ve been introduced to some amazing technology in the ski industry over the last few years and we thought we’d take a minute to highlight some of our favorites.


1. RFID Lift Tickets

Our friends at SKIDATA have revolutionized the ski industry by providing gateway systems onto lifts that utilize RFID technology to read a skier’s lift card and provide access to the mountain.

The company also explains the added anti-fraud benefit of their systems help “achieve up to 5% more revenue through targeted fraud detection – thanks to both the high data carrier security as well as special functionality such as photo and size compare.”

2. Prinoth’s New Antarctic Groomer
The industry’s leader of snow grooming machines has launched it’s most powerful equipment yet – the Antarctic. 


From an article on Prinoth’s news site: Equipped with special adaptations, such as the Auxiliary Power Unit (APU), greater fuel capacity for longer distances as well as adjustments to the driver cabin for better ergonomics and more storage space for long journeys, PRINOTH has molded the ANTARCTIC to be the most versatile and reliable snow groomer that can operate in such a challenging region as Antarctica.”

3. Mobile Inventory

“Don’t let your inventory manage you,” is the tagline for Yellow Dog Software, and it’s true. If you are still using a paper and pencil to take inventory, it’s time to upgrade to mobile inventory.

Yellow Dog Software offers three types of mobile inventory:

1. F&B Counting App – which allows you to count your F&B inventory by downloading predefined “count sheets” to your app.

2. Retail Counting App – which gives you the power to count your retail inventory with a scanner on your mobile device.


(Source: SMI SnowMakers, Inc)

From SMI’s website:

The Puma® snowmaker was designed to interface with automation and control software for optimum performance in any snowmaking weather, especially in marginal conditions. The Puma is equipped with an onboard aspirated weather station, air and water pressure monitoring, and automated flow control. The small flow steps deliver a smooth snowmaking curve, fine-tuning the water volume, air pressure and nucleation to best suit the existing conditions.



Each unit employs a convenient touch-screen panel at eye level for manual control, and the Puma can be configured to communicate with a central computer via hard wire or by radio, using either central or distributed intelligence.

In addition, operators can raise and lower the barrel or adjust the oscillation arc up to 359° on any number of machines from a central command station, delivering pinpoint control with minimal labor. The result is better snow distribution and reduced man-hours needed for grooming.

8. Gatemaster Point-of-Sale Technology for Ski Resorts

From rentals to access control, industry-leading point-of-sale system, Gatemaster, will enable your ski resort staff to become more efficient and increase profitability. Give your guests control of a loyalty program, easily book ski school classes, keep track of inventory, and decrease rental lines all using Gatemaster’s integrated platform!

For the 2018 season Gatemaster has launched new updates that effortlessly streamlines your ticket and online season pass sales process. Make 2018 the year you bring your resort online – schedule time to talk to a representative at Gatemaster today!


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