Conflict Resolution in The Workplace  Follow-up In part one of this blog series, we explored tips in preventing conflict. In part two, we discussed the most effective method in conflict resolution in the workplace. The last step in conflict resolution can be the easiest but the least practiced. The last step in work place conflict resolution is to follow up with the staff members that were involved in this process. Making sure that each party is still pleased with the resolution. Following the rules provided in part 2 of this series, will make follow up to the conflict much easier. Gatemaster Hand shake.jpg Since all parties have collectively come up with the solution, it is more likely that when you follow up, you will find that there is no further action required. The solution was right for the individuals who created it, therefore you have happy, more productive employees. They basically solved the conflict themselves with your strategic guidance! Related Blogs Become a Conflict Resolution Master – Part 1 Become a Conflict Resolution Master – Part 2


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