By now, most ski resorts have updated from paper waivers to electronic ones to enhance both customer experience and the company’s bottom line. If your ski resort is debating whether or not to make the switch, please read below for valuable insights with regards to the benefits of bringing your waivers online can do for your business.

Ski Resort Software

Reduce lines and waiting time

Resorts not yet implementing electronic waivers can have lines at the rental counter up to an hour long – taking away precious time that could be spent on the slopes. A recent blog of ours mentioned that “a major factor causing these long lines is the unavoidable collection of customer data, DIN, and waivers that need to be signed before your guests can take their rented skis and hit the slopes.”

Bringing your waivers online will shorten lines and streamline information collection. Updating this process will enhance the customer experience which brings us to our next point:

Positive customer experiences lead to positive reviews

Once the ski resort software is implemented, customers will enjoy the simple waiver and rental information submission. Happy customers are more likely to share positive reviews with potential new customers via review sites and/or your company’s social media pages. Customer reviews are one of the best marketing tools there are, don’t miss out on this chance to shine by eliminating the bottleneck created by outdated paper waivers.

Fewer hassles and costs associated with electronic forms

Paper forms not only cause frustrations for customers, but they can also create an annoyance for your clients. Online waivers are simple to manage, cost effective, and eco-friendly. You can reduce your carbon footprint while simultaneously saving money.

The Future with Online Waivers

Imagine your resort ran with a ski resort software that allowed your customers to purchase passes or lift tickets online. Now imagine, at the moment of purchase, they are also provided with a waiver that they can either print and sign or sign online to have automatically stored in your system! Once your guest arrives at the rental counter at the resort, the online waiver will be verified by an employee so that your customer can get right to the reason they came to your resort – the skiing!


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