Amber Oakley owns and operates Land of Illusion Haunted Scream Park in Middletown Ohio. Land of Illusion is truly a unique experience in the haunted attraction industry and for the price of admission, you gain access to five haunted houses that you can visit as often as you like during your visit to the park.

There is so much more to Land of Illusion than their spooky haunted houses; they offer live performances, a lounge and Café, a gift shop, and attractions like the Demon Drop and Zombie Sniper Patrol. During the Halloween season, they staff up to 150 employees per night. Land of Illusion is open starting beginning of September – November 1 and this is their third year using Gatemaster. Starting Summer 2018 Land of Illusion is opening Aqua Adventure.  


Q: How does Gatemaster help your team achieve its objectives?

A: Being able to do the online ticketing and the gate ticketing.

Q: How do you drive traffic to your website?

A: We use google ad words billboards, radio commercials, and social media. 

Q: What is your favorite Gatemaster feature?

A: The ability to do it all myself.


Q: What challenges in your business influenced you to consider Gatemaster?

A: The software that can do it all with gate and online tickets. We also have bars where we can do party bookings online and that kind of stuff.

Q: Did you have a previous solution that could no longer meet your needs?  How did your needs change?

A: Yes, we have had 2 previous software companies, and they were okay but they didn’t have everything like Gatemaster does. I used one software for my gate tickets but they couldn’t do online so I had to get a different software to handle the online part. Gatemaster helped me merge it all together.

Q: Why did you choose Gatemaster over other point-of-sale solutions?

A: The ability to do it all and you own the software once you purchase it. You do not have to pay monthly to keep it.

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Q: What challenges have you encountered with implementing our solution and how have you overcome these challenges?

A: Mostly, the more in depth stuff with the season passes like creating season passes and the steps to creating items. Additional training was helpful.

Q: Is there a training process in place for using Gatemaster? If so, what does that look like?

A: No, I just train them in their area and they are good.

Q: About how long does it take to train a new team member on Gatemaster?

A: Oh, like 5 minutes.

Q: What benefits have you experienced working with us?

A: It’s much easier on my part with reporting, I can see everything in one location.

Q: What results have you seen from implementing Gatemaster?

A: I would say reporting and ease of selling online tickets. I can see each part of the parks sales like the bar sales, concession sales, etc.

Q: What do you like most about Gatemaster?

A: I would say the whole package and I never have a problem getting help when I need it.

Q: What Business process has Gatemaster enhanced? Does Gatemaster save you time or money?

A: We save money having to use one software instead of two.

Q: What is your advice to other considering Gatemaster?

A: To really pay attention when doing the training. If you need help, call and get it. Don’t try to do it yourself and screw it up then have to get it fixed.

Q: What are some of your procedural best practices you can share?

A: Before you start any kind of software, lay it out before you begin, so you don’t run into things you wished you had done different. Training is important, making sure everyone knows how to use the software before you start. Know what your expectations are as far as an end result when you are making that plan.

“We have had 2 previous software companies, and they were okay but they didn’t have everything like Gatemaster does.”

– Amber Oakley, Owner and Operator of Land of Illusion


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