Gatemaster Case Study Fountain Valley Skate I visited with Ryan Labriola of Fountain Valley Skating Center located in Fountain Valley, California. It is a family owned roller skating rink and arcade that has been around for more than 40 years. Ryan’s 85-year-old grandfather opened the facility and is still an active part of operations today.

Challenges: The facility was still using a basic cash register and ticker tape. There was no easy way to track theft and inventory, and no built in loss-prevention measures. They were looking for a solution to bring the facility up to date and to make it more efficient with reporting and inventory tracking capabilities. The biggest problem was tracking the prize redemption area and wanting digital packing lists for the inventory.

Solution: Install Gatemaster Point of Sale and Ticketing System, a software solution that could track sales from all departments and control inventory.  They placed 5 Gatemaster Point of Sale systems at various point around the facility (entrance/ticketing, food and beverage, retail, gift shop and one to control the redemption area). The POS terminals are in continuous communication with each other.

  • Reporting:  Built in reporting allows them to see the facility sales at a glance. They can easily upload a digital packing list (DPL) when new inventory arrives and the redemption system tracks inventory reductions in real time. Alerts are set up so that when inventory levels drop below a preset level an email is generated alerting the manager to reorder.
  • Loss prevention: every item is controlled in the register and prints at the time of sale. Cash control is improved with only one employee having access to the cash drawer at a time and every transaction tracked by the system.

Results: “Gatemaster has definitely made our business more efficient. It allows myself and my managers to be get more done during the day. It is definitely a time saver. The reports give us the information we need to make important business decisions. We no longer worry about theft because of Gatemaster’s built in loss-prevention measures. The inventory control and tracking are so simple. We love the freedom it gives us to do more with the time we have in the day.”


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