WWA 2015 – Control Your Business!

In honor of the recent World Waterpark Association (WWA) show, here is a list of some of Gatemaster’s features that are perfect for waterparks!

  • E-Commerce Ticketing
  • Online Season Pass Sales with customer dashboard and photo uploads.
  • Schedule events and group sales with our online tools.
  • Customer Payment Plans to increase online season pass sales Capture Season Pass data quickly with the swipe of a driver’s license.
  • Track Weather Reporting and Gate Counts in real time.
  • Issue Rain Checks to all customers, recharge tickets.
  • Simplify accounting, tracking, reporting.
  • Cabana and Pavilion Rentals Food & Beverage, Gift Shop and much more!

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Gatemaster’s affordable, proven and reliable software offers more features than anyone, giving you everything you need to manage your business.

EMV Standard – Know your Facts!”
There is no hard deadline.

You have probably heard about the October 2015 deadline. This is not a deadline but the date when liability for fraudulent transactions will be shifted to the party that has not implemented EMV technology, the card issuer or the merchant. EMV adoption is currently voluntary. If you are not EMV compliant by October 2015 you assume all liability for fraudulent charges. If you are EMV compliant, the credit card company will continue to be liable for any fraud. If you haven’t already done so, there are a few pro-active steps you can take now to ensure you are EMV-ready as soon as possible:Card handoff

  • Download the latest version of Gatemaster
  • Download the latest version of ChargeItPro (if you use Gatemaster’s
    integrated credit card processor, Charge It Pro).
  • Work with your credit card processor to make sure you have EMV compliant hardware.

Keeping your software updated to the most current version is the best way to be in compliance with current laws and to make sure that you have access to all the newest features.



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