Gatemaster Entertainment Enterprise has an exciting new look that we are ecstatic to share with you! Now with a cleaner look and even more functionality, all Gatemaster customers who are currently under support are invited to #dotheupdate!

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If you need help with the update or would like to get under support, please call our Gatemastersupport line 510-799-9725 option 2. All current Gatemaster customers under support can find the solution in our Gatemaster User Portal under Solutions, General, Licenses Transfers and Gatemaster Update, then click How to Update Gatemaster.

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If you haven’t updated in a while, in November there were several customer feature requests updated into E2. Gatemaster is stronger and faster than ever.

In this update, we added:

  • The ability to hide staff from searching filters in Float
  • Updated help file links
  • Improved search field
  • Multiple currency – Primary and Secondary
  • Expanded Calendar display from 6 to 12

Customers under support can sign in to the user portal and view all the release notes here.

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510-799-9725 Ext. 2

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