Growing the sport is imperative to the future of the Ski Industry. How do Ski Resorts appeal to the nontraditional beginner customer base? We have a few ideas to get more first timers of different demographics on your slopes.

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Celebrate Learn to Ski and Snow Board Month

January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. Many resorts offer deals to get first timers out hitting the slopes. Develop a program that your resort is proud of and will promote year after year. offers helpful tips and information to first time skiers and snowboarders, encouraging them to bring a friend and share their experience on social media.

2 female snowboardersAppeal to Non-Skiers on Social Media

Produce videos and write content that will make a first-time skier or snow boarder comfortable with taking that first step to learn. Go live on Facebook and walk your first-time visitor through the process of purchasing a ticket, signing a waiver, and getting fit with their equipment. Create funny content that non-skiers will want to share with their friends.

Programs for Employees

Chances are your seasonal employees have a second job, or another job during the non-winter parts of the year. Your employees work at a ski resort not only for the work experience, but for the access they have to your mountain resort. Skiing and Snow Boarding is much more fun with a friend. Develop a program that encourages your employees to invite their friends, family members, and coworkers to learn how to ski. Not only is this an easy perk to provide you employees with, you will be ensuring the success of the future of this sport.

Products to Encourage First Timers

“Inspiring skiers to fall in love. Right from the start.” is the tagline for SkiRing. SkiRing is a light weight, round piece of plastic that resembles a steering wheel. It assists first timers in understanding and maintaining their athletic stance while helping the beginner center their weight over their skis. In short, this inexpensive tool assists in the success of first time skiers providing confidence and control.

Make it Easy!

Make it easy for all your guest to purchase tickets online and in advance, gather DIN details, sign waivers, and purchase rental vouchers from the comfort of their own home. This can be done through an integrated point-of-sale, E-Commerce, and Waiver system offered through Gatemaster.

Create an Experience

We still need to face the reality that not everyone is interested in the sport, but it is possible to appeal to the non-skier or snow boarder by creating an experience. Anyone can enjoy a restaurant with tasty food and scenic views. Create special packages for lover’s weekends, family reunions, or work retreats. Host non-sport related events and conferences to bring in and interest guests that would not normally make it to your resort.


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