With the 2019 Holiday Season fast approaching, is your business ready for holiday online promotional sales? Holiday sales are a fantastic way to promote your facility and generate revenue, even if your facility is not open for the season. So, when is a good time to start marketing your eCommerce Holiday sales? Black Friday or Cyber Monday? In today’s economy it really is a preference of the retailer as both days bring in an equal amount of online revenue.

This year Black Friday will be held on November 29, 2019 and Cyber Monday will be held on December 2,2019.

Black Friday in 2018 pulled in $6.22 billion in online sales, up 23.6 percent from a year ago and setting a new high record. (CNBC 11/2018)

Cyber Monday sales in 2018 surged to new highs, with a record $7.9 billion spent online that day, an increase of 19.3 percent from a year ago, according to data from Adobe Analytics. (CNBC 11/2018)

Transactions on mobile devices were up 55.6 percent Cyber Monday from last year to reach $2.2 billion in sales. (CNBC 11/2018).  Is your ecommerce mobile responsive?

The 2018 holiday season was expected to see eCommerce total 12.3 percent of the total retail sales in the United States. This figure has increased annually since 2014, as shown below: (Statista)

  • 2014 – 8.3 percent
  • 2015 – 9.3 percent
  • 2016 – 10.1 percent
  • 2017 – 11.2 percent
  • 2018 – 12.3 percent

Customers who are currently using Gatemaster Ecommerce Online on average have reported an increase in sale by 30%. Now is the time to start planning for those online sales!

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