You don’t need to monitor market trends to know that mobile devices are the public’s primary gateway to the Internet. You can’t use a desktop or laptop while waiting in line for coffee, while pushing a stroller, or while running on a treadmill. Despite this easily observable reality, many amusement and attraction owners still view the mobile version of their site as secondary.

In 2018, the digital world has reached a turning point. More than 50% of all web pages are visited on mobile devices, and in the Amusement industry specifically, that percentage is over 70%.

The data practically spells it out: Your business’s mobile site isn’t an afterthought – It’s your flagship.

WDD has been building and hosting websites for the amusement and attraction industry for over 20 years, and in that time we have empowered clients of all sizes to leverage mobile marketing to increase their digital ROI. By shifting our clients to a “mobile first” mindset that prioritizes design, SEO, analytics, and purchase pages optimized for mobile device users, WDD has modernized marketing strategy to increase successful transactions.

By working with a wide variety of amusement clients through decades of evolving technology, we have learned to adapt and prioritize. Your business can do the same, whether that means simply tweaking the way your social media drives traffic your website’s purchase page – or reinventing the way you track and analyze your customer’s online relationship with your brand.

Have you considered the key differences between mobile and desktop site design and SEO? Do you track pixels on online actions/transactions like promotional tickets or birthday reservations to analyze exactly how much marketing money you’re spending vs. making?

These kinds of questions are just the beginning if you want to maximize mobile marketing’s massive potential.

It’s time to revolutionize your ROI.


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