Mini golf is fun for the whole family and is one of the activities that is safer to do during COVID-19 than most others. Households can stick together and stay a safe distance from other groups, golf clubs can be sanitized, and now with MyMiniGolfScoreCard Pro, there is no need for paper scorecards and pencils! 

MyMiniGoldScoreCard Pro

This amazing product will not only improve your customer experience, but by implementing this digital scorecard, you can reduce your cash or revenue loss exposure. MyMiniGolfScorecard Pro allows your facility to collect payments for rounds of golf that are tied directly to the customer!

Cashless Payment

With MyMiniGolfScorecard Pro, your guests can pay for new rounds of golf without exchanging cash or handing you a credit card. They can simply use the app to add more rounds and keep the fun going! 

Eliminate Paper Scorecards and Pencils

With the need for everything to be disinfected between players, using scorecards and pencils is no longer realistic. Cleaning every little pencil would be so time-consuming, and throwing them away is wasteful. Bring your mini golf course into the future with a digital scorecard that is right in the app!

Guests Can Share Their Scorecard

Within the app, guests have the ability to share their scorecard (along with your business name and location) with their Facebook friends. This is a fun feature for them and a great way to get a little free advertising for your business!

Reduce Revenue Loss

Have you ever discovered that a group of mini golfers have decided to play an extra round without paying? With MyMiniGolfScorecard Pro, it discourages guests from stealing extra rounds and keeps their information tied to their customer transactions. 

Schedule a Demo Today

If you’re ready to see MyMiniGolfScorecard Pro in action, reach out today to schedule a demo. This app has a variety of features that are customizable, and it is easy to use with options for guests to download it from the Apple Store or Google Play Store