Family Entertainment Centers (FEC) work hard to provide Moms (and Dads!) with an excellent alternative to the at-home party. Birthday parties are complicated and there’s nothing’s worse than an unhappy Party Mom. Whether the parties good or bad, she will certainly share the experience with all her friends so Party Moms can be your best marketer or your worst reviewer. 

Here’s a few ways to make Party Moms’ experiences even better while visiting your FEC:

  • Start with booking online! Today’s mom is very busy and often times she needs to be mobile. Allowing Party Moms to book parties online is super convenient. Whether she’s waiting in the after school pick-up line or at work between meetings at the office, make it easy for her to book the perfect party at your FEC by allowing online booking!
  • Explain exactly what is included in the Party Package. Website, signage and even Flyers should help Mom understand what’s included in her party package. The less she has to plan on, the less she has on her to-do list. For those moms who are especially accommodating offering food add on options for adults is always a bonus!
  • Helping her understand the party schedule will set the expectations as to how the party will flow. It also helps to keep your Party Host on schedule. Running a tight ship at your family entertainment center is key for scheduling the maximum amount parties to generate the most revenue with your location during operating hours. Friendly reminder calls a few days before the party to review the details makes Moms feel relaxed knowing that everything is taken care of. This is an excellent time to do upsells like… If the attractions are included in the party, and some have scheduled times make sure to let her know where her group will meet and at what time so that she can explain this to her guests, visit with them and remain Carefree. 
    • Note: if your site requires a waivers, invitations that include the waiver are excellent and easy way for Mom to distribute with the invitations. Of course, digital waivers also offer an element of convenience to help both the party host mom and the guests parents be prepared for the arrival time.
  • The day of the party have greeters and Party Host meet Mom when she arrives so she can be shown where she can store her stuff if her party room isn’t available when she arrives. Make announcements throughout the party and let the honorary guest feel special. Use the announcements as a way to guide the party where you need them to be (e.g., when the food is ready or its time for cake and presents). Kids love to hear their name called over the intercom!
  • The Party Host should assist the Party Mom by greeting her guests and making sure all of the little details of the party are tended to. When Party Host help Moms serve up food and other items to the guest it’s one less thing she has to worry about so she can spend more time entertaining her guests.
  • At the end of the party be ready with a detailed invoice (minus any deposit paid). Party Moms understand that it’s a business but don’t want to be away from their guests. Mobile Point-Of-Sale technology makes it easy to collect the remaining payment right there in the party room.
  • A party survey is an excellent way to understand your customers experience, and it’s also a great reminder to Mom how great the service and party was. Including a question about whether or not they tipped their Party Host is also a great way to encourage tipping.

About the author: Sondra Shannon is a proud Party Mom. Before her time as CEO of Gatemaster Systems she was a FEC operator and Gatemaster client. She’s spent the last 14 years providing project development and business logic to the Gatemaster software development team. She currently lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, three children, two dogs, and cat.

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