If your resort is seeing a decline in season pass sales, you’re not alone. Perhaps it’s due to budget concerns or even climate change, but the fact is, skiers are becoming less inclined to purchase season passes. In order to improve sales of season passes at your ski resort, the passes must evolve to meet the skiers’ needs and expectations. Here are 4 ways to make season passes more appealing:

Ski Resort Technology 4 Ways to Increase Season Passes

#1. Include food and beverage coupons loaded onto their season pass card.  

Skiers will spend a large portion of the day at the resort and they’re bound to work up an appetite. Offering a discount on food and beverages is one perk that everyone can benefit from. Customers will find their way to food and drink options they may not have normally taken advantage of before and the resort will see an increase in high-margin food sales.

#2. Extend your season pass to cover for the summer season
If your resort offers ‘extended winter’ into the summer months, offer this extension to season pass holders. The additional months of slope time may help make up for the lack of seasonable snowy winter months. If potential customers are weighing the cost per month, the extra months can also make the price point more alluring.

#3. Provide double the loyalty points for season pass holders purchasing rentals, ski school, and other items on the resort.

Do you have a loyalty program in place? Boost season pass sales while simultaneously boosting sale of other resort commodities by offering up double loyalty points for purchases of products and services throughout the resort. Skiers are likely planning to make these additional purchases anyway, so they may use this economical incentive as the deciding factor to buy a season pass.

#4. Make it easy to access ski lifts as a season pass holder – transition your season passes to RFID.

Remove the frustration and extra steps of accessing ski lifts for the pass holder by transitioning season passes to RFID (radio-frequency identification). Skiers are enticed by the idea of spending more time on the slopes and less time with the hassle as well as the safety features offered through RFID. For the frequent visitor of the slopes, this offer alone may be motivation enough to sway them to purchase a season pass.


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