Creating a new ticket in a professional and thoroughly informative manner takes effort. At Gatemaster, we’ve resolved thousands of tickets. Taking all we’ve learned – we discovered the most important information in a ticket and what gets our resolutions delivered to customers as fast as possible. By following these guidelines, we can work together to prioritize turnover time while reducing the total amount of correspondence overall.

Help Support Ticket Gatemaster

  • Opening remarks

Say hello! Remember we’re here to help you to the best of our ability.

What’s the scope? Tell us a story that shows us the problem through your eyes. The more we understand from the start, the more time we can save you in solving the problem.

  • Add pictures!

Remember, for every picture you add, you save yourself 1,000 words. Or pretty close to that. Pictures will reduce the amount you have to write, show the record of an event, and give details that otherwise might be overseen. If you want your issue resolved quickly, add as many relevant and informative images as possible.

  • Get an outside perspective

Run your ticket past an employee or co-worker that understands the problem and see what they think! Double checking your ticket before you send it could reduce the number of messages we need to send before the agent understands the problem. Getting all sides to fully understand the issue is the first and most important step.

  • What remedies have you tried?

Can you replicate the issue in more than one situation or on more than one device? Have you changed any settings or practices to account for the error? Give us a timeline of the events if the issue is on-going. If you can show us more information about how the issue has affected your system, we can better help you work backwards to the cause.

  • What’s the best way to contact?

Is there another employee onsite that we need to troubleshoot the problem with? Send us their number with your ticket. Is your cell phone a better option to call you? Add your preferred number to the ticket when you submit it. Let us know any preferences you have on returning calls or other correspondence.

  • Don’t forget to follow up!

Remember to check your ticket and/or emails on regular intervals. If there is a pressing issue we will work our hardest to provide you with what we can. If we need more information from you, we will be waiting to hear back from you and we want to help you keep the momentum rolling.


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