The point-of-sale system (POS) you pick could mean success or failure for your admission or attraction business. Ensure the success of your business by choosing a POS System that opens the door to growth and opportunity.

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Guest Satisfaction

Rescue your customers from long lines at your point-of-sale stations by allowing guests to purchase season passes, tickets, rentals, and vouchers for food and beverage online. Your guest can present their printed receipt or voucher for the item(s) purchased or rented, which reduces time spent waiting in lines. Gift cards and Gatemaster Cashless offer even more solutions that can increase both guest spending and satisfaction.

Sell More Tickets and Season Passes

When you give your guests the ability to purchase online, they can budget and plan for a trip to your facility. Selling season passes online during the holidays is a wonderful way to make sales during the off/slow season. At Gatemaster our E-Commerce solution comes with a payment plan option for your guest to purchase their season passes or memberships. This allows guests to budget and spread the expense over a few months.

Save Time and Money

  • With integrated E-Commerce and point-of-sale, you no longer need to take the time entering information from one platform to another.
  • Real-time reports catch trends as they happen, calling your attention when action is needed.

Grows with Your Business

Whether your business starts out with one point-of-sale station or one hundred, Gatemaster offers features that your business can grow into; guest accounts with family spending controls, retail, gift cards, access control, redemption, waivers and cashless system. Don’t settle for a system that doesn’t give you the ability to do more for your business.

Open More Revenue Streams

When implementing a new POS system, often there is new business logic that you may not be familiar with that can present new revenue opportunities. Trying out features like vouchers, consignment ticketing, loyalty rewards, memberships, bounce back passes, access control, etc. might just have you wondering how you ever ran your attraction business without them. 

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