Bad Apples will promote everything that is wrong with your business. This leads to a negative company culture and decreases morale.  When interviewing an individual, for a position you want to ensure this person fits into the companies’ mission, vision, and values.

Here is a list of 3 top mistakes to avoid when hiring a new employee.

  1. Nice person = a good hire

Being a nice person is good quality but that doesn’t mean they’re qualified for the position. You never want to hire someone because you like and feel conformable around them.  New hires must be able to meet the job description objective, competencies, and metrics.

New hires can lean quickly without the necessary Taking the time to invest in someone who doesn’t have the skills to fit the role doesn’t fill the position. Expecting someone to learn the skill quickly can lead to errors in the role that can cost time and money. Not being able to fill the role properly can lead to confusion and confusion creates failure.

  1. Fill the role quickly

It’s not better to have a body over a skilled employee. You want to hire slow rather than hire fast. Do you know the cost of a bad hire? Bad hires can lead to a 30% loss in revenue in the time and material it takes to invest in this person.

  1. As long as a new hire has the skills attitude does not matter

Hiring someone with the skills to perform the job but who has a bad attitude can decrease productivity and company morale. Not being aligned with who you are as a company can kill your garden and growth. Make sure this person can help grow your garden before introducing them to other employees or customers.