Have you ever hosted an event and were disappointed by the turnout? On the flip side, have you ever had an event so popular that lines were too long, creating unhappy customers? If any of these scenarios are all too familiar, you will want to reconsider how you sell tickets and schedule events.

  • Line control

Everyone hates waiting in line. When you presell tickets or schedule a special event, often this creates a bottle neck of people entering the event. Guests become frustrated with  waiting in a line, especially when they have already purchased a ticket. Plan to have more employees than usual at the entrance of your event to make the admittance process smoother. If you have access control, you may want to invest in extra scanners for these events, to cut down line wait time and create a better guest experience.  

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  • Undersold event

When you have an undersold event, what could you do differently to make the event more popular? See this as a learning experience to take what you have learned and implement it for the next event. What caused the event to be less popular? Day of the week, time of year, lack of marketing, or poor planning? Depending on the cause you will want to adjust your marketing, price, or how you plan out/schedule the event all together. Whatever adjustments you do make, be sure to inform your loyal guest via email, Facebook, or facility website. 

  • Planning

When you presale tickets and schedule events, you know how many guest to expect and when to expect them. You can plan for proper staffing, food, table, chairs, and any other accommodations you might need, thus improving the guest experience.

  • Word of mouth

Be sure to create the event of your facilities Facebook page. This will help you reach a larger audience and makes it easier for your guest to share the event with friends, complete with ticket purchase link!

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  • Exclusivity

Offering a special event with a limited number of tickets sold makes the event more exclusive. The best restaurant in town requires a reservation and when you manage to get a reservation that is something to be shared with friends. The same principle goes for your special event. Guest are willing to pay more for a special experience.

  • Marketing

By gathering guest data when they register/purchase tickets for a special event, you can use that data for future marketing. You can tailor events to better suit your guest’s interest. Keeping those loyal entertained guest coming back time after time. 

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