Everyone strives for a level of simplicity in life. Although in this digital era, life can feel like a constant juggling act. The same waterparks, with so much to manage and so many ways to manage it. Our expert advice: consolidate all of your waterpark processes onto one system to simplify your business.

Integrating all waterpark operations creates a difficult set of tasks. The challenge comes from connecting numerous platforms to work with each other such as ticketing, food and beverage, and retail. Gatemaster combines all these systems into one place and creates a huge relief for you and your business, making operations simple across the board.  This will optimize your in-park revenue where your income and revenue excel.

Gatemaster grants easy tracking of sales and attendance, which in turn provides more accurate information to report to insurance companies.Two birds with one stone! You can even add a third bird with safety – the ability to see how many people are in your park in real-time, which allows you to easily monitor whether capacity is at a maximum.

Not only does a central system like Gatemaster make life easier for a waterpark owner, it also makes life easier for the guests that visit your park whether they return as season pass holders or just a guest visiting for the day. With online pass management, guests have the power to edit their account online at any point to make purchases or update profile information. With this system, discounts and special offers come easily and lead to more guests and more revenue.

Once you’ve implemented one system to manage all facets of your waterpark your everyday efficiency goes through the roof. With one uniform platform for your entire business, you can focus on new revenue streams, ordering merchandise and food, and managing staff instead of switching between multiple systems. Gatemaster’s centralized system will make managing all your waterpark data much simpler.


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