Taking the time to formally write your policies and procedures is a good idea for several reasons. Here are some of the top reasons why getting your policies and procedures set will increase your productivity and reduce your costs.   Training  Having a formal training plan is important to ensure consistency in the work place. When you hire new employee how do you know that they are being trained the same way each time? How do they get all the information they need to do their job to your expectations? By not having formal training procedures set, you leave yourself open to mistakes and financial loss. It can take a significant amount of time to document your training, but the ROI (return on investment) is well worth it.   Gatemaster_Employee_training.jpg Employee Performance  Your employees will perform better when they know exactly what is expected of them. Besides providing proper initial training you will want to reinforce that training with regularly scheduled performance reviews. Most employees excel with positive praise and constructive feedback. They will then have the tools they need to be able to continuously grow with your company.  Consistency  Without written policies and procedures your employees may each be doing their jobs differently. Policy and procedures ensure that you have consistency and reliability at your work place. When your employees know your expectations, consistent performance will be easier for them to achieve. Better Work Environment  You may not expect that having documented policies and procedures will improve the work environment, but it will! When your employees know your expectations, you can empower them to make the right decisions. You can trust that when you are not there, the job is getting done right. By empowering your employees you are showing them that you have confidence in their capabilities. They will have increased morale and you will see pride in their work.   Gatemaster_policy_and_procedures_-_man_writing.jpg When Policies Fail  When implementing new policy and procedure there will be growing pains. It is important to set up a time frame to verify that your new documented policy and procedures are working effectively. No matter the size of the company, or how well you planned the changes, some policies will fail. Don’t let this be a set back. Changing policy to accommodate current needs shows your employees that you are flexible and willing to make changes when needed. Just be sure to allow yourself enough time to adjust to any new policy and procedural change.  A good guide rule is to adjust policies and/or procedures every three to six months as needed. Employee and Customer Feedback  Employees and customers are your best tools for writing and updating policy and procedures. It’s always a good idea to interview your employees and customers. Find out what is working and what is not. Your employees and customers will be delighted that you took the time to get and consider their feedback.

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