Presented by Susan Kruizinga and Shelly McCormick

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“Increasing Your Revenue and Attendance Through Special Events” was a fantastic discussion on various special event ideas and types of special events that can turn disastrous without proper planning, control, or foresight.

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Increase Attendance and Revenue During the Season

  • Events
    • Live Bands
    • Friday Night Slides
    • Splash Cinema/Dive in Movies
    • Yelper Event
    • Product Launch
    • Adult Birthday parties
  • Reinvent Your Space
    • Get interest of people who would not normally show up to your waterpark.
  • Kids Triathlon
    • Great idea for new parks. Make guest aware of your location. Bring in a sponsor.

Increase Attendance and Revenue During the Off Season

  • Host Cultural Heritage Events
    • Find a partner/expert who is well known within the community you are hosting to advise on cultural needs and expectations.
  • Support Your Community
    • Polar Plunge – Kids raise money for their school to see a teacher or principal take a plunge in colder waters. Charge a flat fee and offer concessions.
  • Utilize Space
    • Park lot rental for Food truck festivals, Hoop It Up, and Car Rental Storage
  • Picnic Area Rental
    • Group picnics for businesses or family reunions. Offer bounce houses and all you can eat buffet.

When Good Events Go Bad – How does an event impact the perception of your brand?

Even underage events hosted by a religious organization can turn rowdy. Be aware of the perceptions that can be made about your waterpark if an event goes bad. When an event fails, it creates a bad reputation for your park. Guests post poor commentary on social media further hurting your brand. An event going bad could mean the loss of not only guests but sponsorship.

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