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“Marketing to Every Member of the Family” learning session provided marketing ideas to get the attention of the type of guests you want at your waterpark. Detailing different ideas for attracting Moms, Dads, Teenagers, and Children.

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What is your business’s purpose?

  • Let your guest know why you are in the waterpark business.
  • Make a commitment of cleanliness and safety to your guests.
  • Be the reason guests take their families out and make lasting memories.

How to Market to Mom

  • 25-50% of your marketing should be digital. Email campaigns, Facebook, and Instagram are the best ways to reach the mother persona.
  • Create engaging Facebook and Instagram posts that pull at Mom’s heart strings. Engage Mom with posts about providing a fun experience while creating lifelong memories for her children.
  • Make an emotional appeal to Moms. You’ll want to market the experience not the price.
  • Ask for emails at your ticket booth. Have a contest for your ticket booth operators to see who can collect the most emails to create email campaigns.
  • Make it easy for Mom to get tickets to your waterpark by providing easy to find discounts and benefits.
  • Be a part of your community. Sponsor school events and local sports teams.

How to Market to Dad

  • The best ways to market to Dad are digitally, through sports radio or NPR, during the evening news, and Father’s Day promotions.
  • Dads are looking for something to do with the kids.
  • Sponsor events that Dads would be at like sporting events and Boy Scout meetings.
  • Have a Military Appreciation day, Family Day, or Hero day.
  • Dads are more likely to attend waterparks if there is a bar, T.V., and WIFI.

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How to Market to Teenagers

  • Target teenagers for job recruitment and provide employees with season passes.
  • Have a company party where employees can bring their family and friends.
  • If your employees love working for you their friends and family will want to visit your park.

How to Market to Children

  • Offer free tickets for children with valid adult ticket purchase.
  • Market Season Passes for Christmas and holiday gifts.
  • Host a Home School Day and other types of school events at your waterpark.
  • Participate in school assemblies promoting water safety.
  • Have theme days like Toddler Tuesday.

Get Great Reviews

  • Make a great first impression.
  • Provide a noticeably clean and safe park.
  • Guest love shade and places to rest their feet.
  • Make clear guidelines and rules.
  • Have happy and helpful employees.

Other Useful Tips

  • Make an emotional connection in your marketing.
  • Avoid a list of attractions.
  • Be consistent in your messaging.
  • Be part of your local community.
  • Get guest feedback.
  • Listen to employee feedback.

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